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A cry— from the good beyond.

A cry— from the good beyond. Lying under the unknowns and fluxing in the regularities of nature’s quietude, I actually stop to be handled by the sibilant grumbles regarding grasses, tender birdsong from the rarest eq and the shrieking cry connected with moira’s inamorata. It…

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30 Signs A Girl Likes You

Read more about how to tell if she’s into you here. If her body language matches yours there’s a good chance she’s interested, but if it doesn’t it’s not necessarily a dealbreaker. If you’re energetic and talk fast, chances are she’ll do the same. For…

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How To Kiss On First Date

Read more about going on a first date here. Don’t (positively) comment on different women, or even so much as look at one other girl’s legs/ass/hair/outfit/you-know whenever first date tips you’re on a date, greater than a glance. Preferably, this is able to be one…

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